I grew up in LA in the 60s and played in local bands, didn’t everyone?

(well, not everyone grew up in LA in the 60s)

Then I worked as a guitar tech and stage tech for touring musicians.

Going back in time they are...

Ani DiFranco, Graham Nash (CSNY), Melissa Etheridge, Blues Traveler, David Crosby (CPR), Dan Fogelberg, Seal, Tracy Chapman, Indigo Girls, Joni Mitchell, Jackson Browne, Bonnie Raitt, David Lindley & El Rayo X, Jaco Pastorius, Weather Report, Earth Wind & Fire, Prince, Michael Franks, Lowell George, Little Feat, and starting with The Grass Roots in 1971.

    I loved the road. Grew up and learned how to work. Saw America and a bit of the World. Met my future ex and had a wonderful son named Aaron. In between all that, I worked for Ken Berry’s SIR-LA, Jay Kreinik’s Aeolian Music Service, Fred Walecki’s Westwood Music and a bunch of other jobs like (in no particular order): industrial plumbing, liquor delivery, catering, advertising design, computer tech, technical production on the Opening & Closing Ceremonies of the 1984 LA Olympics, and of course, at ADM Corn Sweeteners, insulating 90 ft tall corn syrup carbon purification towers with sheet metal and spray urethane foam on a hand-cranked, ice and rock salt-covered (yeah with power tools, shocking!) half-meter wide swinging platform of wooden planks in the windy sub-zero dead of Iowa winter with a fog of sulfur dioxide fumes blowing through the jobsite, heh heh heh. Funny how everything you do prepares and equips you for everything you will do, or at least gives you something to laugh about.

    In 2002 I met a lovely Kiwi woman named Mel. She is a knitwear designer and a published author. Visit her blog www.slipslipslipknit.com, you’ll love it.

We fell in love and got married, as you do. Long story short, we moved to New Zealand. When most of our family showed no signs of following us there, we moved back. New Zealand was great for 6 years. Everything’s a bit smaller there, including the music touring industry. So, I set up a guitar repair shop. It is what I have always done but with a different focus. Now it’s about the guitars; not the show, the sound check, the production logistics or achieving zero-balance laundry. And now without those distractions, I have the time, space, skill and experience to make your guitar look, feel, sound and play better. I look forward to serving the musicians of Los Angeles.

    In addition to all the experience above, I have completed the Guitar Technician Course and the Buzz Feiten Tuning System Training Seminar (Level Two) (electric AND acoustic) at Bryan Galloup’s School of Lutherie.

My New Workshop in Santa Monica is now open by appointment. Email me at stringandstrobe@me.com, call 310-699-5199, or txt me @ 310-699-5199. Then bring me your guitar, bass, uke, or? and I will make it better than it has ever been.


it’s all  About Me

“that’s me in the corner...”

Tuning for Ani DiFranco at the Fillmore in San Francisco

Photo by Susan Alzner