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David Reilly Guitar Service
Santa Monica
By Appointment Onlymailto:stringandstrobe@me.comshapeimage_1_link_0
welcome to stringandstrobe.com*
My name is David Reilly. Been a great 6 years of guitar repair in Auckland, but we had to leave.
Many thanks to my Kiwi clients and friends who made this business a reality and a pleasure.
Click here for more about me and about David Reilly Guitar Service.

*String and Strobe is a phrase used by my old friend & inspiration, luthier Rick Oblinger, aka Obe.
To learn more about Obe, please visit his page. 
Los Angeles, How’s your guitar (or bass)?
I have returned from as far south and west as you can go without freezing, or being in the far east. It was great in Aotearoa, but I’m glad to be back in LA and ready to Set up, Repair, Modify, or Maintain your instrument, so that all you have to do is Play!